These are a few examples of my graphic design and production work; click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions. I have worked on hundreds of projects over the last thirteen years, and would be happy to show you more samples, just let me know!


Quarterly Class Schedule, Cal State East Bay

Prior to 2008, California State University, East Bay (CSUEB), printed a large course catalog for every quarter of the school year. The catalog  gave detailed descriptions of the classes being offered that quarter, plus a complete schedule for each class. In 2008, CSUEB decided to print only one catalog each year, containing detailed descriptions for all of the classes that would be offered in that school year. Each quarter, a smaller course schedule would be printed; while still providing details for different programs, the classes themselves would not be described.

I produced both the annual catalog and quarterly schedules, creating full-featured InDesign templates for each. The class schedules come in as raw text exported from a database, so having proper style sheets and formatting is essential.

Cover, Aesthetic Trends & Technologies magazine

In 2004, I worked as Senior Graphic Designer and Production Manager for Aesthetic Trends & Technologies, a medical industry trade magazine based in southern California. While moving the magazine from QuarkXPress to InDesign, I created a new layout template for the magazine, and oversaw the layout work of a revolving cast of page production artists. I also did a significant amount of page layout work myself, sometimes over half of the magazine, as well as the cover design.

CD packaging, Business Objects

Business Objects put together a promotional CD to hand out at a specific trade show, and needed a cost-effective way to distribute it. I designed a simple cardboard CD sleeve, as well as complementary graphics for the CD itself.

Annual Fraud Report (2009), Cybersource

Internet security firm Cybersource publishes a fraud report every year for online merchants, detailing the metrics of reported online fraud for the previous year. The bulk of the report is made up of numerical data that need to be presented as precise charts. Since 2004, I have meticulously converted these numbers into bar graphs, and done the layout for the entire report.

Diabetes Forecast advertisement, VSP Vision Care

Since 2007, I have worked an onsite, full-time contract for VSP Vision Care in Rancho Cordova, CA. I have designed and/or produced over 300 separate pieces for VSP, encompassing a wide range of project types. These include magazine ads like this one, member benefit summaries, open enrollment mailing campaigns, PowerPoint templates, member letter and ID cards, custom member savings charts, and intranet and website graphics, to name a few.

Many of these projects are based on existing collateral or templates. Some jobs end up as high quality PDFs suitable for on-demand printing on standard office printers, and some are printed commercially in quantities up to 2 million pieces.

Voices of Hope, Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County

This is the quarterly newsletter for Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County (CCSCC). I have been doing the layout and production work for Voices of Hope since 2003, and with the November 2009 edition, the newsletter has been completely redesigned.

Consisting of eight tabloid-size pages, Voices of Hope is published every three months to keep the supporters of CCSCC informed about the great work that the charity is performing in the South Bay Area. As the masthead declares, CCSCC serves people of all cultures and beliefs, and I am proud to be affiliated with them in this small way.

Loan application form, Fourth Fleet Financial

Using tables in InDesign and the interactive features of Adobe Acrobat, I have produced forms of varying complexity for a number of clients. When set up properly, the forms can be filled out and saved or printed by anyone using the free Adobe Reader application.